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We strive to maintain the safety of our patients and community.

At Dentist Pro Spa we follow all the Covid19 prevention recommendations:

Recommended infection prevention and control (IPC) practices for routine dental healthcare delivery during the pandemic
CDC recommends using additional infection prevention and control practices during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with standard practices recommended as a part of routine dental healthcare delivery to all patients. These practices are intended to apply to all patients, not just those with suspected or confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection. These additional practices for all patients include:

There are multiple sequences recommended for donning and doffing PPE. One suggested sequence for DHCP is listed below. Facilities implementing reuse or extended use of PPE will need to adjust their donning and doffing procedures to accommodate those practices (see PPE Optimization Strategies).

Employers should select appropriate PPE and provide it to DHCP in accordance with OSHA’s PPE standards (29 CFR 1910 Subpart I)external icon. DHCP must receive training on and demonstrate an understanding of:

Dental facilities must ensure that any reusable PPE is properly cleaned, decontaminated, and maintained after and between uses. Dental settings also should have policies and procedures describing a recommended sequence for safely donning and doffing PPE.

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