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Dental Exams in The Woodlands, TX

The American Dental Association suggests that you have two dental checkups and cleanings a year to keep your mouth in optimal hygiene.

These visits to the dentist, also known as check-ups, are the perfect opportunity for our doctors and staff to offer you assistance and treatment for any dental aspect. To complete the check-up, a dental cleaning is carried out, through which superficial stains can be removed on the teeth, as well as combating common problems such as dental plaque and tartar.

New Patient Oral Exam

Dentist Pro Spa staff reviews new patient files, prior to consultation, to provide personalized service.

Our dentists perform a checkup of the patient's oral health and, after analyzing their current conditions, communicate to the patient their concerns, expectations and goals.

Patients who wish to make an appointment with Dr. Macías for an oral review, please note that she examines only residents of Houston and The Woodladns. Please check the site for details.

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