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Learn More About the Advantages of Visiting a Modern Dental Office

Most of us have seen the old television clips where someone would wrap a string around their tooth and attach it to a slamming door as a way to pull it.

While sketches like that were indeed entertaining, it’s fortunate that dentistry has advanced since then.

Now, instead of relying on old-school equipment to treat routine dental concerns, dentists are advancing with the times and incorporating modern, state-of-the-art technology in their practices.

Even if a dentist has been practicing comprehensive and cosmetic dentistry for decades, like the professionals here at Denttist Pro, the importance of staying current in equipment and treatment plans is paramount to the outcome of a healthy, happy, smile.

When choosing a dentist in Magnolia, TX, take the time to find out if they’ve taken the time to update their practice with modern technology so you can be assured of the best possible treatment for your smile.

Don’t Settle for Dentures When You Can Have a More Natural Looking Smile

One example of how dentistry has evolved is the treatment of missing teeth.

Not so long ago, the only options for many individuals was to either live with the gaps in their smiles or to wear full or partial dentures.

And just as television clips used to poke fun at old-school tooth extraction techniques, they also poked fun at denture wearers.

As a result, a stigma emerged that resulted in the loss of self-confidence for anyone faced with the decision of restoring gaps in their smiles.

Modern dentistry changed the outcome for many patients with the advent of dental implants.

Now, instead of settling for dentures, patients can elect a dental implant procedure for a more modern – and more permanent – solution.

It’s true that dentures are the least expensive choice for replacing teeth, but they are also the least desired option for anyone seeking a modern, permanent tooth replacement.

If you aren’t familiar with the amazing benefits of a modern dental implant procedure from a dentist near you in Magnolia, Denttist Pro invites you to make an appointment today for a consultation and treatment plan designed to restore your smile.

Why Settle for Old-Fashioned X-Rays? Choose 3D Dental Imaging X-Ray Instead!

There’s a new game in town when it comes to dental x-rays, too.

If you’re still visiting a dentist that is using old-school imaging and you’re worried about the quality of the x-rays and your exposure to radiation, you’ll want to learn about the more modern diagnostic technology of 3D dental imaging from a dentist near you in Magnolia like Denttist Pro.

One of the many advantages of 3D dental x-rays that our patients have come to value is that the procedure is quick and comfortable.

Now, instead of sitting with a mouth full of awkwardly placed dental equipment in your mouth — waiting for an old-fashioned x-ray machine to hopefully take a clear image — 3D technology ensures a quick and perfect scan of your mouth while you wear a simple and comfortable mouthpiece.

The Advantages Go Beyond Patient Comfort

Modern dentists are utilizing 3D radiography in their practices because it allows them to perform a more thorough diagnosis for their patients.

One scan from a 3D x-ray will allow your dentist to see your whole mouth from a number of different perspectives because the imaging captures all dimensions of each tooth.

For example, if you are experiencing dental pain or sensitivity in only one area of your mouth, a dentist who uses 3D imaging can zoom in on that area of your mouth and look at the interior of the tooth in question as well as the bone structure that’s supporting it.

That means that your dentist will be able to immediately detect and treat the exact cause of your complaint without having to poke and prod with invasive dental instruments to come to a diagnosis.

Additional Benefits of 3D Dental Imaging X-Ray from a Dentist 77354

Dentists who utilize modern imaging are able to assess your jaw and sinuses prior to oral surgery, diagnose disorders relating to sleep apnea and TMJ, more precisely evaluate the placement of a dental implant, and more.

If you want the best, insist on 3D dental imaging x-ray!



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