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Why Is It Necessary to Undergo Regular Dental Exams?

Is it time for you to call your dentist again to schedule an appointment for the six-monthly dental exam? You may believe it was just yesterday that you had a dental exam and were following every instruction provided by the dentist near you and wonder why you need to have your mouth examined all over again in just 180 days.

Your misconception that 180 days is too short a time for any concerns to develop in your mouth especially when you haven’t undergone any preventive care checkups would be wrong because regular dental exams are a critical part of preventive healthcare. The exam will assess your risk of contracting oral problems, check your face, neck, and mouth for any malformations and also take x-rays and conduct any other diagnostic procedures.

Why Are Dental Exams Necessary?

Regular dental exams are essential because they not just protect your oral health but also your overall health. Undergoing regular dental exams also ensures you are keeping yourselves away from the signs and symptoms of systemic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and lupus that generally make an indication about their presence initially in the mouth. If your dentist or dental hygienist observes any indications of these diseases he or she will suggest that you visit your regular physician. Regular dental exams also allow your dentist an opportunity to provide tips on caring for your teeth and to detect oral health problems in their early stages when they can be treated effectively.

When to Undergo a Dental Exam?

It has been recommended by the American Dental Association that adults must schedule regular dental exams every six months or at intervals determined by their dentist. Visits to the dentist for regular dental exams are to maintain your oral health even if you have no natural teeth remaining in your mouth. The goal is to ensure your oral condition is healthy to have replacement teeth placed in your mouth.

Preparing for Dental Exams

As an adult, if you are scheduling your first dental exam and also looking for a new dentist it is suggested that you consider having a dental exam in Magnolia, TX, by considering the location of the dentist and his or her participation in your health plan. You must ensure you have understood the fees and prevent options being offered by the dentist.

Dental anxiety is quite common even among people having a dental exam. If you are anxious or nervous about the visit you can share your concerns with the dentist or the dental hygienist with confidence because the professionals will adjust your treatment to ensure you are more comfortable.

What Can Be Expected During the Exam?

As a first-time visitor, to the dental facility, you can expect the dentist to evaluate your overall health and oral hygiene simultaneously. The risks of tooth decay, root decay, gum, and bone disease will also be evaluated. You can expect to have an evaluation for restorations and replacements if you have missing or damaged teeth in your mouth which will also be checked for bite and jaw problems.

Stains and deposits of plaque and tartar (if any) will be removed before the hygienist will demonstrate proper cleaning techniques for your teeth. Your need for fluoride will be assessed and x-rays are taken if necessary before conducting any other diagnostic procedures that may be necessary.

You can expect your dentist to question you about your health problem and medications you are already taking and discuss how they could be affecting your oral health. If you are a victim of diabetes you will also be at an increased risk of gum disease. Medications that encourage a dry mouth, increase your risk of tooth decay. If you are affected by the problem of arthritis the dentist performing the dental exam near Tomball may suggest you use an electric toothbrush or recommend alternative measures for brushing your teeth. Any prosthetic replacements like dentures of bridges in your mouth will also be examined to understand how they fit and discuss the need for adjustments (if any) during the exams.

Dental exams are not just for getting your teeth examined but are also an excellent preventive method to have your overall health examined by a medical professional. You may also be counseled about your diet, the use of tobacco products, and other lifestyle factors that could be affecting your oral health and putting your overall health in danger.

It is suggested that you don’t consider regular dental exams as unnecessary because they are essential to understand how your overall health is faring in connection with your oral health.



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